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The Plant Breeders Sub-Union organized a Competition among the all senior students of the Agricultural Faculties in Turkey. The topic of the competition: “How to Improve Our International Power in Plant Breeding Works ". The application of the competition will end on 2 April 2018.

All articles will be evaluated by the commissions of experienced scientist and members of the universities. First three articles will be awarded and also there will be two incentive awards. 
First three articles awarded by commission, will present orally their articles on Plant Breeder Day (May 11) and will receive their prizes.

1st prize: 4000, 00 TL

2nd prize: 2000, 00 TL

3rd prize: 1000, 00 TL

2 Awards: 500,00 TL (each)


The aim of competition is to attract the attention of senior students to plant breeding and to bring young people to the plant breeding sector after graduation.


It is the second year of this activity and we are planning to keep it as long as we can. Our intention for the coming year is to extend this activity to the international level along with the contribution and collaboration with related national and international organizations.