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            Despite the fact that only six years have passed since the establishment of our sub-union, the organization has initiated many services related to the sector and has contributed to the solution of the problems the members face. The activities of the Plant Breeders Sub-Union of Turkey (BISAB) are summarized below, with the exception of the annual general meetings and some meetings accordance with the laws and regulations.

            Plant Breeding Courses

            BISAB organizes plant breeding courses  for  three years based on the need and the demand from the industry. These trainings are the first of their kind in Turkey and have been incredibly successful. It successfully maintains the plant breeding courses in collaboration with universities and public agricultural research institutes connected to the General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Politics.  The total duration of the course is 90 days according to the related code and is conducted in two parts as a theoretical and practical training. The theoretical training is two consecutive weeks of training, and the practical training constitutes the remainder of the training period on different dates throughout the year. Graduates who have received their Bachelor’s degree from an Agricultural Faculty are allowed to participate in the course.

            Successful trainees that have completed the courses in public agricultural research institutions, and seed organizations in different regions determined by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Livestock or universities, can obtain a plant breeding course certificate on the breeding of different plant species of field crops, fruits and vegetables, and from biotechnology to seed production techniques. Since 2011, 55 trainees have participated in these courses and nearly half of them have been awarded certification. The individuals who have been awarded the Course Certificate have the right and opportunity to legally work in private sector agricultural research institutions.

       May 11: Plant Breeders Day

         BISAB organizes a celebration for Plant Breeders Day on May 11 every year with the attendance of staff and students of the agriculture faculties, representatives of seed producers and plant breeders from different regions of Turkey in order to relay the importance of plant breeding to a wide audience and emphasize the significance of plant breeding in the past and present. Plant Breeders Day, which is supported by private sector seed companies and institutions related to the seed sector, such as the Turkish Seed Union (TURKTOB), and the Seed Industrialists and Producers Sub Union (TSUAB), has been celebrated for four years. Different activities have been organized, including the distribution of awards and gifts, panels with the participation of scientists and officers from international associations such as UPOV, European Association for Plant Breeding Research (EUCARPIA), CIMMYT, ICARDA and the German Plant Breeders Association (BDP).


        National and International Meetings

          The Plant Breeders Sub-Union of Turkey organizes meetings with subjects that are related to the sector or contributes to such meetings in association with various private sector companies and non-governmental organizations such as TURKTOB, TSUAB, TUBID, and agricultural faculties, and in particular, cooperates with institutions of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. Within the framework of ‘Century Workshops’, the “International Workshop on Hybrid Maize”, which was supported by public and private seed sector organizations, was first organized in association with the Agriculture Faculty of Namık Kemal University and Sakarya Maize Research Station, on March 18-20, 2011 in Antalya, Turkey.

        The “International Workshop on Rice” was held on September 13-14, 2012 in Edirne, Turkey with the contributions of many non-governmental organizations related to the seed sector, and the Trakya Agricultural Research Institute. Many researchers from Turkey and abroad, academicians, representatives of private seed sector companies, and a large number of official organizations and producer associations attended the workshop. The “International Plant Breeders Rights and Intellectual Property Rights Workshop” was held on March 9-11, 2013 in Antalya, Turkey. Additionally, the “International Plant Breeding Congress” will be held on November 10-14, 2013 in Antalya, Turkey.

        Regional Meetings and Visits

Committees that consist of Members of the Board of Directors of the Sub-Union have visited the organizations that have contributed to plant breeding and seed producing  in different regions of Turkey. These visits resulted in the opportunity to observe the work of members, to hear the concerns regarding the further promotion of ourselves as BISAB and the possibility of transferring the work that was a result of the visits within the frame of a specific program. These visits also included meetings with the governmental institutions that serve our members.



         On the one hand, while the sub-union was arranging meetings with the sector’s relevant domestic individuals and organizations; on the other hand, it began to collaborate with international organizations. Within this context, the sub-union was first a member of the European Association for Plant Breeding Research (EUCARPIA) in 2012, and it represented plant breeders of Turkey at the 19th General Assembly of EUCARPIA, which was held on May 21-24, 2012 in Budapest, Hungary. Our sub-union became a member of the Seed Association of Economic Co-operation Countries (ECOSA) on April 28, 2012 and participated in the organization’s meetings. A group consisting of members of BISAB visited various institutions related to the plant breeding and seed sector in the Netherlands and Germany in June 2013.



         BISAB gathered an editing committee consisting of academicians and researchers who work in the agriculture faculties of universities and government institutions to publish a book in the fields of Plant Genetics, Agricultural Statistics, Plant Breeding, and Seed Science and Technology. The preparation of the Seed Science and Technology book is in its final stages and is scheduled to be published in 2013.

         BISAB contributed to and attended a majority of the fairs related to domestic seed sector promotion, including the International Growtech Fair in Antalya, Turkey and the Turkish Seed Growing and Seed Technology Fair in Istanbul, Turkey. Officers of the sub-union participated in the Berlin Logistica Fair with members of TURKTOB. In addition to the aforementioned activities, BISAB provided important contributions to the seed sector by attending fairs and meetings that were arranged by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Livestock, universities, unions and sub-unions, and other public and private sector affiliates.




The union and sub-unions related to the seed sector


TÜRKTOB  - Seed Union of Turkey

BISAB  - Plant Breeders Sub-Union

TSÜAB - Seed Industrialists and Producers Sub- Union

TYAB - Seed Growers Sub-Union

FÜAB - Sapling Producers Sub-Union

TODAB – Seed Distributors Sub-Union

FİDEBİRLİK – Seedling Producers Sub-Union

SÜSBİR -  Ornamental Plant Producers Sub-Union