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The Turkish Seed Sector is constantly improving its awareness, knowledge and experiences with both academic studies and field implementations, resulting in enormous potential through its collusive approach. As an  important part of seed sector, plant breeding is  also developing in Turkey.

               The rules related to the seed sector are designated by the Seed Law, which covers regulations with reference to the variety and germplasm registration of field crops, fruits, ornamentals, vegetables, forest plant species, and the propagation material of other plant species. Furthermore, the law also covers the production, certification, trade, market inspection of seeds, and institutional organizations. A structure composed of public or private institutions or bodies, or unions formed by these institutions or bodies manages plant breeding, seed production, seed processing, and the sales, distribution, supply, export and import of seeds, or activities related to seeds. The Seed Union of Turkey consists of 7 sub-unions including: plant breeders, seed producers and industrialists, seed growers, sapling producers, seedling producers, seed distributors, and ornamental plant producers.




             Plant breeding and variety development activities require a significant amount of time, labor, knowledge, technology, and money. Plant breeding is conducted by both the public and private sectors. The services related to the protection of plant varieties are carried out by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock in Turkey. Applications for the protection of new plant varieties, which are based on the principles of the 1991 Decisions of International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV), have contributed to the development of agriculture. Through the introduction of these applications, breeders have a source for breeding new varieties from the income from developed varieties, thus growers seek the varieties that are resistant to pests, as well as safe, high quality, and productive varieties.

            The Plant Breeders Sub-Union (BISAB) is active in Turkey at the national level . It represents the common interests of its 165  members, which includes individuals or private sector companies that are involved in crop breeding and agricultural research. BISAB has been the voice of the professional interests of Turkish plant breeders for nearly six years.

            Although the Plant Breeders Sub-Union of Turkey (BISAB) was founded in 2008, it provides valuable services to Turkey’s agricultural sector with successful ventures and services.

            On the one hand, BISAB meets the needs of the internal market with the work of courageous and altruistic activities in seed sector that has experienced intense competition; on the other hand, the plant breeders who opened the doors to foreign markets with high quality production and made important contributions to the seed sector, achieved quality and efficiency themselves to reduce dependence on foreign companies.



               The highest decision-making body of the Plant Breeders Sub-Union is the General Assembly of all members.The General Assembly elects the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors selects the President and is responsible for other tasks. The President is the highest representative of the sub-union. The Plant Breeders Sub-Union is located in Ankara.


          Board of Directors

President         :Doç Dr. Yalçın KAYA

Vice President    :Dr. Vehbi ESER

Treasurer         :Bayram OZDEMIR

Member           :Kamil YILMAZ

Member           :Büşra YAPICI

Member           :Miktat OLGUN

Member           :Mete Murat ŞÖLEN

Member           :Mehmet Sinan BERKSAN

Member           :Mehmet HÜSEMOĞLU


The Staff of the Plant Breeders Sub Union of Turkey

Secretary General   : Mustafa AKIN 
E-Mail: mustafaakin@bisab.org.tr


Technical and Administrative Affairs :  Osman Barış KILINÇ
E-Mail: osman@bisab.org.tr


Preliminary Accounting and public relations :Mehtap YÜCE


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e-mail: bisab@bisab.org.tr